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One of the most frequently asked questions is "When should I service my transmission?" This can vary depending on driving conditions. Mike's Transmission Service recommends replacing the fluid and filter in your automatic transmission every 18,000 miles.

Heat is the number one cause of failures in transmissions. The transmission oil is critical for lubricating the transmission and reducing friction. When the fluid breaks down and loses its viscosity, it no longer effectively lubricates the transmission. This causes premature and excessive wear and results in transmission failure.

Transmission fluid cools in the front of the vehicle either in the radiator or an external cooler.  If the engine overheats, so can the transmission and cause major damage.  Make sure your cooling system is in good working order to protect your transmission.

What is an "Overhaul"

When your transmission is "Overhauled" it is removed from the vehicle, completely torn down and all the worn and broken parts are replaced, all seals replaced, then it is bench tested and re-installed in the vehicle.

What is a "pan off service"

When the transmission is serviced, the only way to clean and / or replace the filter for the transmission is to remove the lower pan.  This is how we service most transmissions. It's the best way to prevent problems and extend the life of the vehicle's transmission.

What if my car won't move anymore

The first step to any repair is to identify the problem. We'll tow the vehicle in and evaluate it before any work starts.  You'll know all your options in no time at all!


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